Happy British Pie Week: I Wanna Eat Some Tatties

Hello from Austin, TX! I can’t wait to meet all of my fellow food folks at Techmunch later tonight, but until then…let’s celebrate British Pie Week!

There is a reason our friends across the pond supply us with such a wealth of pie related news. That’s because they eat ’em for lunch, dinner and dessert. Savory pies rule the pub roost and I’m not going to discriminate.

Craig Hennessey and his Cumberland Tattie Pot

Yeah, it’s a corporate event sponsored by a pre-made pastry company, but I’m all for getting more people to make their own savory pies. Every year they crown a winning recipe and this year’s victor balances out the pre-made crust with local meat and produce. It also highlights an ingredient you just can’t find in the US: Hogget (even my spell check can’t handle it) . What’s hogget? It’s an adolescent or young adult sheep. It’s a lamb once it has entered that awkward, rebellious teenage phase; not quite as tender as lamb, but more flavorful. The recipe also calls for black pudding (aka blood sausage—my Irish fiancé’s favorite), so I doubt many American home cooks will be making this pie.

So the next time you are in Cumbria, stop in at the Queens Head Inn for some a Cumberland Tattie Pot. For now, you’ll just have to settle for these tatties.


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