What Pie Did You Make (or eat) This Thanksgiving?

I can't really express how amazing this tart tastes!

Pumpkin? Pecan? I made this crowd-pleasing Chocolate Caramel Tart with Sea Salt. It sure looked luscious (especially on my sister’s beautiful dessert plates)! This is one of my favorite, most indulgent recipes to make when I know I’ve got to impress a crowd. My chocolate tempering skills still need some work (for the ganache) and, unfortunately, I got a nasty burn on my finger while making the caramel…but, I think it was worth it in the long run.

I’ve got a few more pies ahead of me this weekend as I gear up for the Bay Ridge Pie Social at my friend Justin’s art school for kids: The Art Room. We’ll have more on that later (plus the reveal of my citrus experimentations), but for now why don’t you let us know what kind of pie you dug into on Thanksgiving down there in the comments.



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7 responses to “What Pie Did You Make (or eat) This Thanksgiving?

  1. Back in the day in high school my aunt used to make a chocolate pudding pie over Thanksgiving, which the men of the family proceeded to mock as cement-like, able to plug leaks or be molded into trashy art. One year she didn’t make it – and a larger scene was made because everyone secretly liked it – its just sport to deride my aunt’s cooking.

    When I was first able to make it home for a holiday when on active duty (I think it took a year or two) she said she made sure there was a chocolate pudding pie cake there for me – and now every year we have that pie. Its kind of a joke, since it started as the target of mockery for so many years, but perhaps thats how holiday traditions start.

  2. I made 2 chocolate salt tarts, both came out fantastic. Pumpkin pie, move over.

  3. I made two pumpkins and an apple pie, and my sister in law made pecan pie (and I had a slice of all three!). Pumpkin pie is never boring for me on Thanksgiving; it makes the holiday for me. And it was equally as delicious for breakfast this morning!

  4. I made the same tart for Thanksgiving. I agree, it was to die for. Found you through the TechMunch attendee list. As a fellow baker, pie jumps out at me. Hopefully we’ll cross paths at the conference.

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