Mr. Beck, Step Away From The Pie

Usually when I hear “tonight we are going to talk about pie” I get really excited. But tonight it was Glenn Beck talking about pie. It you want to watch the Fox News personality talk about pie for 20 minutes clicky-click here:

He's a baker, not a divider. A pie divider. He wants a whole pie to himself.

For those of you who have something else to do let me sum it up for you. “The Administration, the progressives…the Marxists” think there is just one pie in the world…and it needs to be cut up and distributed based on government handouts, feelings of guilt and anti-business sentiment. Free Market thinkers, like Mr. Beck, think we all have the potential to make more pies. For ourselves. Who knew the world was that easy to understand!

Now, I get. Pies make the concept of distribution easy to understand. That’s why we’ve got pie charts:

Pie Chart! via GraphJam

Is he going to make an egg wash?

But Glenn Beck should step away from the pies. For starters, he doesn’t even know how they are made. You don’t need eggs to make a pie!
For those of you who need a little backstory, Beck has used the pie analogy before. He always credits Michelle Obama for his obsession because of something she said on the campaign trail about some people giving up a bit of their pie so we can all live better lives. COMMUNISM!


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