Not Pie: Whoopie Pies Cross the Pond

I’m not taking credit for the newfangled craze of Whoopie Pies over in the UK, but after I introduced my English boyfriend to my pumpkin whoopies his life was never the same. Now, they’re all the rage and I’m thrilled to see how creative some British bakers are getting with the down home, New England treats:

From Times Online

Marks & Spencer won the Times’ taste test. I’ll have to try these when we (hopefully) go over there for Christmas.

Of course, as article points out, the rise of the whoopie pie comes at the expense of the cupcake. Intrepid whoopie investigator Huma Qureshi got to the bottom it:

But if, like me, you struggle with the disproportionate slather of overly sweet frosting on cupcakes (Gerhard Jenne, the founder of the upmarket bakery Konditor & Cook, once told me that he couldn’t stand them because he always gets frosting up his nose), then you will appreciate the ease of sinking into a whoopie pie: the buttercream is kept neatly in the middle, like a sweet hamburger in a bun.

For the record, when I get a cupcake I usually rip off the bottom and smush it on top of the frosting. I am, in essence, turning it into a whoopie pie and keeping the frosting out of my nose.


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  1. hey, glad you liked the whoopie piece! it’s so funny how many “can’t eat cupcakes” types are coming out of the closest; enough with the frosting already! x

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