Pie News: All Aboard the Pie Train and Win!

This has to be the best way to encourage public transportation I have ever seen. Every year one train to

The Mince Pie Express

Manchester gets transformed into the ‘Mince Pie Special Train’. Passengers get free mince pies in an effort to encourage holiday shoppers to leave their cars at home. This is getting me excited about making my mince pies! For those of you who have never heard of ’em, mince or mincemeat pies are filled with dry fruit that has been stewed in booze and fat.

And there is more mince pie news! Despite the fact there is a bit of brandy in those English harbingers of the holidays, they won’t get you drunk.

Also, check out Half Baked, a beautiful blog by exceptional cake designer Carrie Sellman. Her site is so much more than just a compendium of beautiful cakes…it’s an awesome resource for party ideas, as well! Right now Carrie is giving away a $100 Crate & Barrel gift card. Enter now and tell ’em who sent you.


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