A Brooklyn Pie Social: The Winner!

First-time pie baker, and PS29 parent, Stephen Park won this past weekend’s pie contest with this Coconut Cream Pie:

This pie doesn't look like an amateur effort. Nice work, Stephen!

Believe it or not, this was Stephen’s first pie (OK, he baked the same recipe last week as a test). When he isn’t baking, Stephen is teaching meditation classes to stressed out parents and teachers at the school. Oh, and acting in the recent Coen Brother’s film A Serious Man. He logged onto epicurious when he heard about the contest and figured, hey…people like Coconut Cream Pie. Stephen told me he is very good at following directions. I have not confirmed it, but the winning pie may have come from this recipe. Hey Stephen, let me know if I’m right!

Coconut Cream Pie victor Stephen Parks

Stephen used both butter and shortening in his crust. “The recipe said to use a food processor,” Stephen told me. “But I was doing it by hand with a potato masher until I saw some YouTube videos about making pie crust using this tool. Then my wife went out and got me one of those wiry things.” I’m pretty sure he was talking about a pastry cutter. While I usually use a food processor for my crusts, Stephen’s success has inspired me to try a little elbow grease.

Onto the pie. I’m not really a Coconut Cream Pie fan. Coconut is pretty divisive…you either love it or you hate it, am I right? Regardless, this pie was really, really good. The coconut filling was really rich, but not too strongly flavored. The creamy topping was perfect and the texture of the nutty, toasted coconut on top balanced perfectly with the thick, coconut-laced whipped cream.

“I’m already wondering what kind of pie to make next,” Stephen said. That’s good, because with the holiday season upon us and his new status as a pie celebrity, Stephen is going to be getting a lot of requests.


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One response to “A Brooklyn Pie Social: The Winner!

  1. Stephen Park

    hi ms. michelle,

    thanks for the great write up! to answer your question – yes, that’s the recipe. after making my tester pie, my wife suggested cutting the sugar in the whipped topping in half, which i did – 1 tbs instead of 2. also, i toasted the coconut topping in my toaster oven instead of a frying pan.


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