Pie News: Miley Really Loves Pie

I’ve always thought dolls that “talk” or “sing” are creepy; the voices always sound really tinny and are

Miley really likes pumpkin pie.

Miley's song about pie was all Annie Leibovitz's idea.

difficult to understand. Case in point: a Miley Cyrus Christmas doll that sings about pies and caroling. What kind of pies does Miley like? Oh, pumpkin…or a dirty word that sounds like pumpkin when played through the speaker on the back of a doll. This video, from a Florida news outlet, is rated PG-13 for possible adult language. Keep pluckin’ that chicken, Miley!

Extra Credit: A lot of Turkey Trots offer pie prizes for Thanksgiving runners. A possible typo at the end of this story makes it unclear if runners in Ipswich, Massachusetts get a pie to take home or a  pie in the face when they cross the finish line.


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One response to “Pie News: Miley Really Loves Pie

  1. Has tiny-speaker technology really not advanced in 50 years? That overmodulated pink noise sounds like a Whitehouse cut, complete with William Bennett shrieking profanity at toddlers.

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