A Brooklyn Pie Social: The Social

Today was the pie social at PS 29 here in Brooklyn. I found out about from the fine people at Brooklyn Based and had to enter. Bake pie, support education and then eat pie…how could I resist?

There were about 50 or so pies entered into the competition and about 100 or so in total for the social. If you’ve never been to a pie social here is how it works: people donate tons of pies and then sell them by the slice to eager hordes for a good cause (in this case PS29 and PS 8).

There were tons of amazing looking pies, most made by parents of students at the two schools. I only tried a few:

Potato & Duck Bacon Tart

I started with the savory table and it was a pretty tough call between a Pear and Gorgonzola Tart, a Tri-Color Asparagus tart and what you see here. Only in Brooklyn would a pie social have more savory options than fruit ones! The smell of this pie is what drew me in…it had been haunting me since I got there! This one was almost like a potato gratin cooked in duck fat. The crust seemed to be made of puff pastry and the only bad thing I can say about this pie was that the bottom of the crust was underdone. I didn’t really mind.

A 'Madewell Pie'-never heard of it!

For my next pie I headed over to the “Nutty” section (shout out to my nutty ladies).

So professional, you Linzer Tart.

I love the combination of almond and raspberry, so I had to choose between this ‘Madewell Pie’ and that Linzer Tart. I went with the Madewell, since I’d never heard of it and the crust looked amazing. It was awesome, but I wish I had asked the woman who donated this pie about it. I figured it was just a recipe I’d never heard of, but when I got home and Googled it…no dice! Bummer.  A thin layer of raspberry preserves separated the bottom crust from a coarse almond paste. The preserves were a bit sweet, but the crust was awesome and crumbly instead of flaky. I want to make this pie! My research into the Madewell has begun. I may need to make up some ‘wanted’ posters.

The 'Chewy, Gooey Slice of Heaven'

The ‘Chewy, Gooey Slice of Heaven’ is a lot like a Shoefly Pie: dense, cake like and molasses-y…but, with the addition of some chocolate. This pie, like J. Lo, is best photographed from behind; the crust totally drew me in. When I first saw it the guy who baked it stopped me and told me not to take a picture until the whipped cream was on top. I’m of the opinion that whipped cream is an after-market accessory and pies should be judged before it goes on (cream pies would be an exception). That said, I love this guy. He charges $0.50 if you don’t get your pie a la mode (also, check out his pie annuity).

Back to the pie. I was so full by this point. This one was interesting but mostly tasted like dense cookie dough. I’m sure that’s a matter of taste, because a lot of the kids loved it. The crust, however, was great. Really flaky and tender.

I tasted one more pie (it was tough), but you’ll have to wait to hear about it. I don’t want to give away the winner! For now, check out some shots of the pies:

BK Pie Social Slideshow


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3 responses to “A Brooklyn Pie Social: The Social

  1. Leon

    Looks to me like the Madewell pie is based on the delicious UK Bakewell Tart.

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