Welcome to a pie for a pie. This here blog is about obviously about pie, but also about baking, science, humor, food, competition, history and who knows…maybe even some politics and pop psychology. I’m not a professional baker, I’ve always just baked for fun and stress relief (really).

The Starry Pie

There is also a challenge involved; I’m going to bake (at least) 52 pies over the next year–without any repeats or extra pounds. I can’t promise I’ll actually bake one pie a week, sometimes I’ll bake multiple pies and stick ’em in the ‘pie bank’ to reveal later. That will be the case in the blog’s inaugural weekend, since I’m baking three pies for a pie social (which I’ll post about in the next couple of days) and running a 10k (so the pies I taste don’t show).

You’ll, hopefully, see a lot of good pies up here, but you will definitely see some failures. I’m a pretty competent baker, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. When something fizzles, I’ll try to get to the bottom of it and tell you all about it. As far as recipes are concerned, I’ll link out when I’m baking someone else’s pie and share them when they’re my own creations. For my personal recipes you can expect a lot of links and notes on the inspiration, technique and science behind the pie.

Send me pie recipes to bake, techniques to try or leave them in the comments. Stand by for in-depth explorations and debates of all things pie-related: sweet, savory, tart, quiche and more. You’ll also see a lot of changes here as I build out from a basic WordPress blog. We’ll start things off soon with a Persimmon Meringue Pie.


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